Swing Rave

By Yvonne Anthony

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10 Swing Dance pieces piano solos with improvisation opportunities.   Grade 5 - Dip
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  • Supermoth, c.2'10
  • Sky Blues, c.1'26
  • Imber, c.2'38
  • Water's Edge (Grade 4 ANZCA syllabus), c.1'39
  • Dream Tonight, c.2'55
  • Don's Day Out (Grade 7 ANZCA syllabus), c.1'11
  • One more than Two, c.1'50
  • Hooks in the Road (Grade 6 ANZCA syllabus), c.2'46
  • And it's Spring, c.2'13
  • Movin' In (Grade 7 ANZCA syllabus), c.3'50

            Composed 2006

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            ISMN 9790720226965
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