Tales from the Dress-Up Box, Op.73, Nos.1-10

By Victor Morrison

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Ballet Suite of 10 movements for String Orchestra.
Total duration c.70'00 - 90'00

This music is a celebration of the imagination of children. Each movement involves flights of fancy as if through the eyes of children who invent exciting exploits. The narrative may be used as a future guide for a ballet company's development of characters, plot, choreography, set-design, costumes and other logistics. However, the music may function without programmatic elements.

In this suite, events take place within children's imagined-worlds of fantasy, magic, friendship and love. Set against the Australian bush, characters range from humans to fairies, to animals and spirits - to toys that can come alive. They are the equivalent of traditional European fairy tales, but set in an ancient land, with its own indigenous spirits and mythological characters playing alongside.

Colour plates for projection are available.

Composed 2021

Sheet music samples and notes on each movement:

ISMN 9790673140745

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