Toccatina Avventura

By Gina Ismene Chitty

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For piano,  c.3'20.  Advanced level of difficulty

This piece is inspired by the steep steps ascending to the domed Sydney Opera House. The sharpness, the geometrical formations of the steps, the pleasing asymmetry of the architectural masterpiece to which they grant access, are reflected in the repetitive chords, notes and leaps; and the more undulating phrases that are interspersed among the lush chordal runs, reflect the curves of the dome formations, the sea gulls, the sea breeze and the towering ocean-liners that dock at Circular Quay.However, there is an underlying restraint in this piece, a persistent and formidable pulling down of the repetitive notes to a lower register, that adds yet another dimension to the mood and structural balance in this piece.
The harmonies are sparsely spaced, at moments with even a little hint of modality; just a few phrases breaking into a romantic sentimentality or accented, humorous little motives.

Composed 2020

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