Voice of the Forest

By Horace Keats

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A collection of 11 songs set to words of Hugh McCrae for soprano and/or medium voice and piano.

 Most of these songs have been recorded by Jane Parkin, Gavin Lockley and Clemens Leske on A Poet's Composer (Wirr 040) and by Wendy Dixon, John Pringle and David Miller on Echo (ABC Classics) both CDs available online

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1. Columbine  Buy Now
2. O Deep and Dewy Hour
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3. Moon, The  Buy Now
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5. Trespass, The  Buy Now
6. Twilight (Crepuscule)
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7. Under the Sky  Buy Now
8. Versicle Buy Now
9. Voice of the Forest

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10. Wild Man's Dear, The  Buy Now
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