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By Peter Dart

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For 2 marimbas and pre-recorded sound.

BirdTalk was written for the players to enjoy. The composer has no idea what the title
means. For him it was suggestive of a playful dialogue between the two marimbas and the pre-recorded sounds. The sounds are chirpy and chattering rather than obviously birdlike.  The performers may interpret and play with the title as they please.
Composed 2018

Hard copy purchase includes reduced conductor's score and two marimba scores.

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      Four Short Songs (Williams)

      By Peter Dart

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      Four songs for mezzo soprano. Words by William Carlos Williams

      • 1. This is just to say
      • 2. Poem (As the Cat)
      • 3. The Locust Tree in Flower
      • 4. To

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        Let Everything That Has Breath

        By Peter Dart

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        Psalm 150
        SATB, Bb Clarinet and Viola, c.4'00.
        Composed 2015
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        ISMN 9790900979728

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        Let's Dance

        By Peter Dart

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        Piano solo, c.5'50.  Advanced
        Composed 2021

        It is effectively two dances, one full of energy, the other romantic and reflective. It is an invitation to be swept up in the wake of the dance we call life. It was written to be played with enjoyment and heard for enjoyment.

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             ISMN 9790673142121

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            By Peter Dart

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            For cello and piano, c.4'00

            Words from Hamlet that were read at Rod West’s funeral: ‘Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!’. Through the interweaving of a simple melodic line in the cello and the wistful contrapuntal lines of the piano, this piece is both a peaceful welcome to a new life, and a reflective farewell to a life that has passed into rest.

            Based on the Baroque genre, but introducing newer elements.
            Composed 2016

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     from the suite, Traceries, performed by Daniel Hercovitch and Elizabeth Neville.

                ISMN 9790720249957

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                Peripheral Visions

                By Peter Dart

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                Clarinet, Viola and Piano, c.14'35.  Advanced
                Three movements:

                • Reflections and Shadow: 4:55
                • Above the Somme: 4:00
                • After Cezanne: 5:40

                Peripheral Visions is for clarinet, viola and piano—the combination used by Mozart in his so-called ‘Kegelstatt’ Trio. Like the Mozart, the tempo between each of the movements is essentially the same, although differences of metre ensure differences of character.

                Inspiration for the work came from reading Unrecounted, a collection of poems by W.G. Sebald with accompanying drawings by Jan Peter Tripp. The act of seeing is a central theme of the collection. Tripp’s drawings are portraits that focus on the eyes of his subjects. Sebald’s texts are typically enigmatic, highlighting the marginal and impermanent—things that escape observation, on the edges of awareness, visions that highlight the peripheral.
                Composed 2022

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                     ISMN 9790673142138

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                    Set of Spells, A

                    By Peter Dart

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                    for Orchestra, from the opera, "A Little Faust"

                    Largely extracted from the first scene of this opera, The suite follows elements of the Faust legend, from Faust’s first thoughts of selling his soul for wealth, women and power, through to his conjuring of Mephistopheles and the signing his fatal pact.
                    Composed 2017

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                      ISMN  9790720226613

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                      By Peter Dart

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                      Suite of five pieces for cello and piano.
                      Formerly published as Suite for Cello and Piano.

                      To some extent this work is based on the Baroque genre, but introduces newer elements. Composed 2016
                      • 1. Prelude (Canitlena and Arabesque), c.4'25
                      • 2. Fugue, c.3'07
                      • 3. Tarantella, c.5'45
                      • 4. Samba, c.4'08
                      • 5. Lullaby, c.4'00

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                                Daniel Herscovitch (piano) and Geoff Gartner (cello)

                      ISMN 9790720249773

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                      By Peter Dart

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                      For two pianos

                      Triptych is a set of three sound pictures inspired by texts from Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.
                      Although the work is programmatic, the program is impressionistic rather than narrative—a triptych rather than a trilogy, where each panel represents the visual, auditory and emotional content of its text.  Composed 2011 -14.

                      Price includes two scores for hard copy purchase.
                      • 1. Sirens
                      • 2. Circles
                      • 3. Poseidon

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                       ISMN 9790900979704

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