Peripheral Visions

By Peter Dart

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Clarinet, Viola and Piano, c.14'35.  Advanced
Three movements:

  • Reflections and Shadow: 4:55
  • Above the Somme: 4:00
  • After Cezanne: 5:40

Peripheral Visions is for clarinet, viola and piano—the combination used by Mozart in his so-called ‘Kegelstatt’ Trio. Like the Mozart, the tempo between each of the movements is essentially the same, although differences of metre ensure differences of character.

Inspiration for the work came from reading Unrecounted, a collection of poems by W.G. Sebald with accompanying drawings by Jan Peter Tripp. The act of seeing is a central theme of the collection. Tripp’s drawings are portraits that focus on the eyes of his subjects. Sebald’s texts are typically enigmatic, highlighting the marginal and impermanent—things that escape observation, on the edges of awareness, visions that highlight the peripheral.
Composed 2022

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