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After the Rain

By Diana Blom

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For four pianos

Composed for a short film by Sydney video installation artist, Neolene Lucas.  The film was shot in the midst of a drought at Hill End, early one morning the day after the one day it rained in the month of May, 2009.  Composed 2016

Recorded on New Music for Multiple Keyboards CD (Wirr 089) is available online

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This download is for one score only.

Australian Animals

By Diana Blom

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23 piano solos and 2 duets for elementary to first grade pianists

Co-written with Felicity Martin, this delightfully illustrated volume for early grade pianists book is not a primer but a collection of pieces to be used in conjunction with a traditional primer to introduce, in an imaginative way, new musical concepts. 

Composed 2021

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Boulevard Waltz, The for two pianos

By Ann Carr-boyd

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For two pianos, four hands, c.9'20
Composed 2008, rev 2011
Hard copy price includes set of two scores

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Carnival of the Cats

By John Wayne Dixon

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For two pianos, c.3'00

A short whimsical piece. Two scores for hard copy purchase.

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 ISMN M720072692

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Cloudcatcher I

By Michael Hannan

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For two piano - two scores

The first movement of Cloudcatcher I, "Flight", responds to the clouds and birds that move over and around Wollumbin, NSW. The second, "Meditation" contemplates the imposing presence of the mountain. The third, "Vibration", imagines its physical and spiritual energies, past and present. And the fourth, "Birdsong", is a meditation on the calls of some birds common to the area.
Composed 1916

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ISMN 9790720214184

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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra for Two Pianos

By Meta Overman

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Three movements for two pianos arranged from the orchestral version, c.25'00

In 1942 Overman wrote the piano concerto which was performed at the time by the Rotterdam Philharmonic orchestra and Marinus Flipse as piano soloist. Unfortunately, due to the war and the occupation of Rotterdam by the Nazis the orchestral parts, including the piano part, were lost and all that has been available since was a handwritten full score that had been retained in the Overman archives in the Music Library at UWA.
The work is in three movements and is written at times like a duet in that the piano is one instrument and the orchestra, as a whole, is the other and the two alternate with the main melodic and harmonic motives.  

The manuscripts have been researched and edited by Jeanell Carrigan, 2020. The work has been recorded by Jeanell Carrigan and Tonya Lemoh and a CD is included with the two scores.

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Fantasia on Waltzing Matilda, Two Pianos

By Miriam Hyde

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For two pianos, c.2'30

The Fantasia on Waltzing Matilda was contributed as a small overture to a scene which opened with a 'jolly swagman camped by a billabong'.  Many variations of this work are now published and available online. Price includes two separate scores. Composed 1936 

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ISMN 9790900979780
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By Diana Blom

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For two pianos, c.4'05

This piece is a four voice fugue which draws on several fugal devices, plus minimalist episodes, as it moves from the high register of the pianos to the low. 
Composed 2016
Hard copy purchase include two scores.

Recorded on New Music for Multiple Keyboards CD (Wirr 089) is available online

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Grotesque - Operina

By Meta Overman

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A one act operina (very small opera) for soprano, clarinet (or flute), four hands piano and dancer. 

The score also includes a CD of the chamber works and a DVD of the first performance held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on 2nd April 2019 (also linked here).

is a tragic comedy with quite an absurd plot involving an old man – the character played by the clarinettist, a young girl, sung by the soprano and a ghost whose antics are created by the sounds of the piano. Its structure is theme and variations as in the original version for piano four hands and the plot is described by a narrator. It is a little questionable whether in a performance that is staged the narrator is really necessary. In fact there is no mention of a narrator on the original score though when recording the work a narrator could be deemed necessary to outline the antics of the characters who cannot be seen. In a staged version the characters create the images and the “narration” on the score can be viewed as merely stage directions. The dancer would therefore act out the antics of the ghost and the instrumentalists would become the characters described by the stage directions.   Composed 1951 rev. 1961
Edited by Jeanell Carrigan

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[The performers were: Goetz Richter (narrator), Narelle Yeo (soprano), Katherine Howarth (clarinet), Jeanell Carrigan (piano), Tonya Lemoh (piano), Ines Paxton (girl, ghost), Andrew Knight (old man), Filmed by Connor Malanos.]

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By Michael Hannan

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Piano for four hands, c.4'20

The composer coined the term "impromobile" to combine the idea of the musical mobile (a series of musical fragments that can be played in any order at the discretion of the performer) with the idea of improvisation. In this work the performers are each presented with ten short musical fragments and instructed to play at least eight of them in any order and to extend them all by improvisation. The performers are advised to analyse the work (both primo and secondo parts) in order to assist with the process of improvisation and facilitate ensemble coherence.
Composed 2016

Recorded on New Music for Multiple Keyboards, Wirr089, available online

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ISMN 9790720209197
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Legend for Two Pianos

By Dorian Le Gallienne

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Piano work in two movements
Date of composition unknown.

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Meditation and Dances from "Arcadia"

By Houston Dunleavy

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Piano for 4 hands, c.13'00
Two scores for hard copy purchase

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ISMN M720011738
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