Collected Songs, Vol II (Hart)

By Fritz Hart

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High voice and piano, words by W. E. Henley

Seven Songs, Op. I1

  • Flown                                 
  • The blackbird                             
  • She sauntered by the swinging seas               
  • Western wind                               
  • The night is dark and loud                     
  • The blessing                              
  • Kate-a-Whimsies                        

Seven Songs, Op. 16

  • Your heart has trembled to my               
  • We shall surely die                        
  • Thick is the darkness                        
  • The skies are strown with stars                
  • A wink from Hesper, falling                   
  • Madam Life                            
  • I gave my heart to a woman                    

Composed 1912. Researched and edited by David Wickham

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