Flying West - CD

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Music by Ann Carr-Boyd performed by Diana Weston (harpsichord) and the ensemble Thoroughbass. An eclectic collection of works in this double CD - folksongs and instrumental - for voice, violin/viola, cello, guitar, recorder, percussion, harpsichord and organ.  Mostly written around the '70s and '80s for The Consort of Sydney, and enthusiastically revived and recorded here by Diana Weston and her ensemble.  
Inspired by the Australian outback and by the words to Flying West, written by Diana Weston, this short collection [tracks 10-17] for recorder, cello and harpsichord describes the day in the life of doctors working from the base of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill, and has been dedicated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

 Wirr 066.  Available only in Australia and New Zealand.
 Wirr 066a.  Worldwide distribution.

 All are scores available online.

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Disc One
Folksongs 76 [1-7]
1 Argizagi Ederra
2 O Dieu D'Amour
3 Yees Merrmingas ma Pandicksay
4 Otan mou ipen ehe
5 Ma ti to theli mana sou
6 Kharchin
7 Life in a Prairie Shack
8 Nadir    9 ITT
Flying West [10-17]
10 Flying West
11 Bumpy Ride
12 Interlude 1
13 Wings from the Sky
14 Interlude 2
15 Red Earth
16 The Clinic
17 The Return
18 Couperin
19 Lullaby for Nuck
20 Wisp of Cloud
Disc Two
21 The Boomerang Chocolate Cake
Folk Songs 78 [22-25]
22 Guten Abend, Gute Nacht
23 Im Schönstein Wiesengrunde
24 Itia Itia
25 Mandinada
Trois Leçons [26-28]
26 and only man is vile
27 the human race
28 man is so proud
29 Textures and Variations
30 Catch 75
Three Songs of Love [31-33]
31 being to timelessness as it's to time
32 stand with your lover
33 spring! May - ev'rywhere's here
Suite for Véronique [34-38]
34 Prelude
35 A Little Rag
36 Folk Song "Esa Noche" (Ritornello)
37 Slow Step
38 Esa Noche (Ritornello)