Goddess Rises, The

By Jenny Lee-robins

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7 pieces for solo piano.   Grades 4th to 7th
This selection of Australian musical compositions is suitable for examination purposes or for fun learning experiences.
Each piece in the Goddess Series uses the Planetary mode, tone, semitone, semitone, tone and a half, tone, semitone, semitone, tone and a half. The Planetary Mode is based on the distance between the planets, using the distance as an interval, as in tones and semitones. This mode was arrived at through following Pythagoras' assertion "that the world was called forth from chaos by sound or harmony, and constructed according to the principles of musical proportion; that the seven planets which rule the destiny of mortals have harmonious motion and intervals corresponding to the intervals of music." Max Heindel 'The Musical Scale and the Scheme of Evolution'.

Composed 2017-2019.

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ISMN 9790720226347

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