Heaven-Haven - CD

By Phillip Wilcher

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The poignant and sensitive music, composed by Phillip Wilcher, is magnificently performed by The Linden String Quartet, drawn from the Sydney Symphony players, Marina Marsden, Emily Long (violins), Justine Marsden (viola), Elizabeth Neville (cello), and well known pianist, Jeanell Carrigan.  
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This CD dedicated to Ralph, Kathy, Maddie and Stuart Kelly in memory of their beloved son and brother, Thomas.  All profits from the sale of this CD will be donated to the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation. 


  Our vision is to foster a more responsible drinking culture and ultimately a safer healthier community, so that everyone can enjoy  our streets without fear or intimidation of a violent and often unprovoked attack.  It's every Australian's right to be able to enjoy our beautiful cities without undue peer pressure and crime.

Download samples

 1  Heaven-Haven
 2  Feuilleton
 3  Crossing the Divide
 4   Ballade
 5   A Subtle Obsession
 6   Forever Beneath the Waves
 7   High Tea 1
 8   Intermezzo 1
 9   High Tea 2
 10 Intermezzo 2
 11 High Tea 3
 12 Continual Dew
 13 In Nomine Patris
 14 About Scriabin
 15 Into the Silent Land
 16 Consolation 
 17 Remembered on Waking