Music for the Heart and Soul

By Mark Matthews

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Collection of 12 piano solos on life, love and friendship, Grades 3 to 5. 
An excellent tool for intermediate piano students or for teachers looking for some light contemporary piano solos to add to their library.
"Emily's Etude" - AMEB Series 3 Grade Book, Level 1, Grade 4.
A CD of Music for the Heart and Soul, performed by Mark Matthews is available online, see below 

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 1. The Kiss (5)   Buy Now  7. Emily's Etude (4)   Buy Now
 2. A Prayer for you (4)  Buy Now  8. Deeper (3)  Buy Now
 3. Sarah's Suite (5)  Buy Now  9. A Change is Coming (3)  Buy Now
 4. Thinking of You (3)  Buy Now  10. Autumn Leaves  Buy Now
 5. Mentor (3)  Buy Now  11. Bitter Sweet (4)  Buy Now
6. Raindrops (5)  Buy Now  12. Goodbye for Now (4)  Buy Now

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