Music of Betty Beath CD

By Betty Beath

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A collection of works performed by Betty Beath (piano), Margaret Schindler (soprano), Janet Delpratt (soprano), Susan Lorette Dunn (soprano), Patricia Pollett (viola), Colin Spiers (piano), Camerata of St John's with Brendan Joyce (conductor), Queensland Symphony Orchestra with Richard Mills (conductor).
Wirr 024

Print music for most of the works are available online.

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Towards the Psalms (1-6)
1  No-one is born just once
2  Bella and I enter a dream
3 The Lament of Ovid
4  Mones and I ... Best Friends Forever
5  Love makes you see a place differently
6  Towards the Psalms
7  Lament for Kosovo
In this Garden(8-12)
8  In this Garden,  - 9  Butterflies, - 10  Spider,  - 11 Snail,  - 12 Sparrow
From a Quiet Place (13-15)
13  1st Mvt, - 14  2nd Mvt, - 15  3rd Mvt
River Songs (16-20)
16  River-Mother, River-Child
17  Boy and the River
18  River Nocturne
19  House by the River
20  Swift Tide
Encounters (21-22)
21  Let's Dance,  22  A Loving Embrace
23  Merindu Bali ... Bali Yearning
24 Nawang Wulan, Guardian of Earth and Rice
25  Genesis