Nine-Elemental Songs

By Various Composers

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A collaboration of fascinating works by Michael Atherton, Jim Franklin and Tony Wheeler - three multi-instrumentalists each with an instrumentarium covering Asian and Western instruments. 
Wirr 019

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1.  Behold the Yak (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler
2.  Desert Threads (Jim Franklin)
3.  Stone Sutra Temple (Tony Wheeler)
4.  Fresco (Michael Atherton)
5.  3-Free-4 (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)
6.  Silkworms (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)
7.  Mahabodh (Stufen) (Jim Franklin)
8.  Mei hua san nong -Three variations on the Plum Blossom - traditional
9.  Qi (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)
10. 5-6-7 (Atherton, Franklin, Wheeler)