Piano Imagery - CD

By Miriam Hyde

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Music composed by Miriam Hyde.  Each of the 25 pieces on this double CD has been introduced and discussed by the composer followed by the performance by her.  (Samples of her introductions are not listed here.)  First recorded in 1986 and now released by Wirripang,  available online.
The CDs provide a doubly-rare opportunity to hear a composer speak about and perform her own  compositions.  In her introduction to each piece she gives an insight into its inspiration (often Nature, something artistic, romantic English poems, or, as a thank-you for a kind gesture), its structure, types of pianistic devices and tips for performance.

Disc 2 contains her more advanced works.
Wirr 084

Sheet music for most of these pieces are available online.

Download samples

Disc One
Frost Fairies
Woodland Sketch
Forest Stream
Ear-Rings from Spain
Study in A Minor
Tap Tune
The Poplar Avenue
To a Skylark
Lamp with a Fringe
Study in Blue, White and Gold
Lullaby for Christine
The Fountain
Disc Two
Reflected Reeds
Concert Study in F Sharp Minor
Magpies at Sunrise
Wet Night on the Highway
Valley of Rocks
Brownhill Creek in Spring
Study in C Minor for Right Hand