Season of Christmas, The

By Miriam Hyde

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13 carols for unison voices and piano

  • Children at Christmas (Valerie Barton
  • Bells of Bethlehem (Dorothea Dowling)
  • Candles are for Christmas (Dorothea Dowling)
  • The First Christmas (Dorothea Dowling)
  • Hands of Mary (Dorothea Dowling)
  • The Season of Christmas (Dorothea Dowling)
  • Shepherds on the Hillside (Dorothea Dowling)
  • Triolet (Dorothea Dowling)
  • Carol for the Carpenter’s Son. (Mavis Dowling)
  • Fulfilment (Mavis Dowling)
  • Mary’s Gifts (Mavis Dowling)
  • The Shepherd Boy (Mavis Dowling)
  • Still your Fears, Mary (Mavis Dowling)

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