Sonata No 3 "The Jade Flute"

By Larry Sitsky

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Solo flute, c.9'20".  Advanced grade.

Whence comes the sound of the jade flute,
Flying through the dark,
Coming with the spring wind, Hovering over Loyang?

The Chinese held jade in the greatest veneration.  The word for jade, ‘yu’, also signified a beauty of spirit and the stone became the symbol of the five cardinal virtues.  Jade’s ability to produce a pure musical tone was known in China from very ancient times and indeed, gongs were made out of the material.  Jade was widely used as a miracle medicine as well as the most prized stone for elaborate works of art.

Music, undoubtedly the most spiritual of our arts.
Lin Yutang

Composed 1994 (as a test piece for the 7th Australian Flute Competition in 1995).

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