Three Famous Chinese Poems

By Thomas McConochie

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Arranged for Brass Ensemble, c.9'00, grade 6 and above

These three poems are among the most famous in Chinese literature and come from the golden age of Chinese poetry, the Tang Dyansty (608-907 CE). Each poem was composed by one of three contemporary poets who knew one another personally, namely, Meng Haoran (孟浩然) (689/691-740 CE), Li Bai (李白), (701-762 CE) and Wang Wei (王維) (699-759 CE).
The poems use wistful imagery to arouse bitter-sweet feelings. Morning in Springtime evokes images of beauty in springtime such as dawn, chirping birds, but also countless beautiful flowers being blown down in a storm. Quiet Night Thoughts draws on imagery of the moon, associated with longing, to create a sense of sadness among the serenity of a quiet night. What I Most Pine For relates
wishing one’s friend well, even though he (or she) may sadly be far away.

Composed 2020

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