Walking in the Labyrinth

By Karlin G Love

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Concert Band, c.5'30

The route progresses of a labyrinth is through short lengths and quick direction changes, gradually becoming mostly long stretches with few turns until one reaches the centre: a place to pause and enjoy the stillness. Walking in the Labyrinth is built upon a progression through three tonal centres and a melody that was first created in 7/4. In the first part of the piece each section presents the melody in a different meter, the first ones truncating it, the later ones extending it, moving from the quick changes and turns of the labyrinth and initial surprises on the track to slower changes and settling into one’s walking rhythm. It reaches a centre of stillness and reflection, then begins the trip back out, with dancing variations of the melody, energised and joyful.
Go for a walk – without headphones – and let your feet, eyes and ears refresh and refocus you!
Included with the score are the 'Labyrinth tunes meters' pages presenting the melody in each meter, in suitable clefs and transpositions should you like to try them with your ensemble. Composed 2016

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ISMN 9790720172354
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