Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - Book 3 - 2011

By Various Composers

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Grades 8 - Dip. 
11 piano works by Australian Composers 2011.
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and includes CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov.  
See also Book 1 (Grades 1-4) and Book 2 (Grades 5 to 7)

Grade 8
1.  Paradise Bar Prelude - Andrew Schultz, c.4'08
2.  The Demented Demon - Brennan Keats, c.2'34
3.  Parade - May Howlett, c.3'25
4.  Prelude to Play - Betty Beath, c.1'50
5.   Thorn of the Rose - John Martin, c.5'28
6.   Key Connections - Betty Beath, c.1'48
7.   The Pink Ballerina on a White Pony - May Howlett, c.2'21
8.   Nocturne for a Nebula - Ann Carr-Boyd, c.4'23
9.   Catherine Wheels - May Howlett, c.2'38
10. Prelude and Fugue Chromatica - Tony Wheeler, c.2'10
11. Baggy Green Rag - John Martin, c.3'32

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Downloads samples

Paradise Bar Prelude  - sheet music and audio

The Demented Demon  - sheet musicand audio

Parade - sheet music and audio

Prelude to Play - sheet music and audioo

Thorn of the Rose - sheet music and audio

Key Connections - sheet music and audio

The Pink Ballerina - sheet music and audio

Nocturne for a Nebula - sheet music and audio

Catherine Wheels - sheet music and audio

Prelude and Fugue

Chromatica - sheet music and audio

Baggy Green Rag - sheet music and audio