Six Animal Songs (Isherwood)

By Stephen Yates

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Med to low voice and piano. Each between 1 to 2 mins.

These six songs are taken from a volume of nonsense poems entitled People one ought to know by Christopher Isherwood, written in 1922 to amuse himself and a young friend, the manuscript lay forgotten until the early 1980's when it was finally published.
Though each of the poems bears the name of a member of the Animal Kingdom (Ferret, Elephant, Bat, Hippo, Cormorant, Giraffe), Isherwood clearly wishes the reader to identify a certain type of human animal, sometimes unpleasant, often perplexing or indeed just plain stupid. Sometimes though, the poet does ask us to view some poor hapless creature with a degree of compassion which is quite moving.
Composed 1988

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