By John Carmichael

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   Chamber music by John Carmichael.  In this recording, melody and
   thematic material are the starting points in the process of creating a
   well wrought musical structure designed to engage the interest of
   the listener.
In the words of the composer, “Music has always been for me an escape into a fantasy world where imagined landscapes, images and adventures engage and delight, so the portmanteau title ‘Escapades’ for this disc can serve to encompass all the works therein".
Escapades is performed by Sylvie Leprohon flute, Stephen Robinson oboe, Antony Gray piano.
Wirr 071

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Escapades - flute, oboe and piano
1.  Games
2.  Idyll
3.  Escaping the Blues
4.  To a Happy Ending
Fantasy Sonata - flute and piano
5.  Allegro moderato
6.  Lento7.  Allegro vivac
Postcards - piano
8.  Russian Song
9.  Autumn Spell
10.  Courtly Dance
11.  Solitaire
12 . Caribbeanonatan - Music Grave and Gay - oboe and piano
13.  Allegro moderato
14.  Lento15.  Allegro
16.  Nocturne for Eve


Fandango Returns!

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Music by Ann Carr-Boyd

One of the most rewarding things about writing music is the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most interesting people in the world. All the people and performers listed on these CDs (and many more who unfortunately can’t all be fitted on to two CDs) have enriched my life with their musicality and their warmth of friendship. The years I spent with the Sydney Mandolins in the 1980s and onwards were just wonderful. I wrote at least 12 different works for them - and all were rehearsed to the most high point of performance and interpretation. Little did we know at the time that Fandango would become so well known - but we have all been happy to see Fandango launch out into the world with a whole adventurous life of its own.   Ann Carr-Boyd 2018

This double compilation consists of works performed by: The Sydney Mandolins; Diana Weston, harpsichord; Danielle Grant, soprano; Tara Hashambuoy, violin; Joanne Arnott, recorder; Rita Woolhouse, cello; Paul Champion, clarinet; Tony Baldwin, piano; Edgars Kariks, flute; Susan Blake, cello; Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conductor Arnold Butcher; Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conductor Patrick Thomas, pianist Sally Mays; Sydney Symphony Fellows; Cedar-Rose Newman, violin; Lina Lee, violin; John Martin, piano and Ann Carr-Boyd, piano.
 Wirr 090

Cover artwork by Ann Carr-Boyd

All scores available online.

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Disc One
1 Fandango (1982)
2 Argizagi Ederra (1976)
3 Nadir (1973)
Flying West (2014) [4-11]
4 Flying West     5 Bumpy Ride
6 Interlude I
7 Wings from the Sky
8 Interlude II     9 Red Earth
10 The Clinic    11 The Return
12 On the Shores of Aswan (1994)
Suite for Flute and Harpsichord (1990) [13-16]
13 Prelude        14 Badinerie
15 American Dream
16 Toccata
17 Music for an Imaginary Italian Film (1985)
18 Starburst (2002)
Beneath the Yellow Moon (2004/5) [9-21]
19 Beneath the Yellow Moon
20 Billabong
21 Dreamtime haze
22 Titan (2004)
Disc Two
1 Images of Australia (1988)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [2-4]
2 Mvt. 1  3 Mvt. 2   4 Mvt. 3
5 Rag for Razz (2007)
6 A Day in Taralga (2003)
7 Harp in the Highlands (2003)
8 Prelude (1988)
The Razz Suite (2008) [9-13]
9 Prelude for Luigi   
10 Mysterious Kitty regards the
ancient universe as time marches to its own beat
11 Tea for Tugger    12 Fluffy Boy
13 Fandango for Fifi
14 Australian Dawn (2016)
15 Bush Dance (2016)
16 Rag for Razz for violin and piano (2007)
17 Northbridge Blues (1995)
18 Boulevard Waltz (1988)
19 Prelude for Violin and Piano (2017)

Fictional Realities - CD

By Apollo Trio

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Seven Piano Trios by renowned Australian composers such as Dulcie Holland, Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards, Roger Smalley and Mike Nock, performed by the Apollo Trio: Thomas Tsai, Daniel Herscovitch and Maria Lindsay, and Elizabeth Neville.
Wirr 054.  

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[1-3] Piano Trio (Dulcie Holland)
  -  Allegro non troppo
  -  Fast
  -  Allegro maestro
4  Night Song (Peter Sculthorpe)
[5-7 Piano Trio (Ross Edwards)
  -  Allegretto
  -  poco adagio e mesto, quasi recitativo
  -  Allegro Assai
[8]  From Irkanda III (Peter Sculthorpe)
[9-10] Piano Trio (Roger Smalley)
  -  Part 1  1: Prelude   II: Scherzo
  -  Part 2  III: Passacaglia   IV: Variations

[11]  Cradle Song (Dulcie Holland)
[12]  Fictional Realities (Mike Nock)

Fire in My Heart - CD

By Miriam Hyde

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Features a rich treasure trove of 26 songs by Miriam Hyde and first time released.  Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano), David Miller (piano) and recorded using Miriam's piano.  The vast collection of Miriam Hyde's art songs provides singers and pianists with a legacy of finely drawn repertoire that is both unpretentious and refreshingly original - this recording is representative of only part of the collection!
Individual songs in print music or two albums - Rhyme After Rain 2nd Ed and In the Rose Garden together with critical notes and CD are available online. 
Wirr 044

Download samples
Mediaeval Latin Lyrics [tr.] Helen Waddell [1-3]
1  Take Thou This Rose
2 At Beauty's Altar
3  Fire in My Heart
4  The River and the Hill Henry Kendall
5  Dream Land Christina Rossetti
6 Lullaby Christina Rossetti
7  Nightfall by the River W. Allder Morrison
8  Laughter Hilda Hammond-Spencer
9  A Song of Autumn Adam Lindsay Gordon
10 The Illawarra Flame Patricia Francis
11 Anzac Threnody Dorothea Dowling
12  Dawn Service Mary Bertram
13  In the Rose Garden Marjorie Kenna
14  The First Boronia Miriam Hyde
15  The Apple Tree Patricia Hackett
16  The Lotus Pool Chinese Lyrics [tr.] Helen Waddell
17  Leaves in the Wind Miriam Hyde
18  My Sorrow Stirs Hilda Hammond-Spencer
19  The Wind in the Sedges Hilda Hammond-Spencer
20  Rhyme After Rain John Galsworthy
21  Late June Valerie Barton
22  Twilight Beach Dorothea Dowling
23  Prayer for Rain Miriam Hyde
24  Before the Spring Miriam Hyde
25  Winter Willow Music Miriam Hyde
26  Thoughts at Dusk Miriam Hyde


Flood, The

By Hannan, Balodis

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Michael Hannan (music and soundscapes) and Janis Balodis (lyrics) with Isabella A Cappella and The Flood Band. 

The Flood is a large-scale community promenade music theatre piece composed by Michael Hannan and developed by Northern Rivers Performing Arts during 2003 in Lismore NSW.  From its collective memory of floods, the creative development team assembled a plan for soundscape of the Lismore floods: natural sounds such as incessant rain, the roar of rushing water, the sound of certain birds associated with impending rain, the calls of frogs and sirens, to name but a few. 
Wirr 073 

A recent review in The Music Trust

Download samples

 1.  Flood Warning (soundscape) - Michael Hannan
 2.  Drowning Piano Blues - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 3.  Flood Drumming - Michael Hannan
 4.  Promenade 1: Drowned Piano Blues- Michael Hannan
 5.  Promenade 2: Water Remembers - Michael Hannan
 6.  Promenade3: Poor Boy He - Michael Hannan
 7.  Flood Rain (soundscape) - Michael Hannan
 8.  No Bullet in the Head - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 9.  Frog Chorus (soundscape) - Michael Hannan
 10.  Sandbag Ballet - Michael Hannan
 11.  Bring It On - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 12.  Furniture Lifting Music - Michael Hannan
 13.  Flood Salsa - Michael Hannan
 14.  Flood Rising Music - Michael Hannan
 15.  Lost the Lot - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 16.  Poor Boy He - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 17.  Water Remembers - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 18.  Echo in the Blood - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 19.  Dawn Chorus (soundscape) - Michael Hannan

Flute Odyssey - CD

By Various Composers

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Flute and piano works performed by Emma Knott and David Miller. Works by all Australian composers include: Amanda Handel, May Howlett, Betty Beath, John Spence, Houston Dunleavy, Steve Clark, Ann Carr-Boyd and John Terry.  
Print music for all works are available online.
Wirr 016

Download samples

1  Moonlight Mirage
Moonlight Mirage (Amanda Handel) [2-3]
2  Blinding Moon
3  Dream Tune
Wings of the Wind (May Howlett) [4-6]
4  Thermals
5  Mistral
6  Ah! Sirocco
7  Night Moods (Betty Beath)
8  Hymn to the 89th Constellation (John Spence)
9  Sideling Hill (Houston Dunleavy)
10  Phryg Magnet (Steve Clark)
Suite for Flute and Piano (Ann Carr-Boyd) [11-14]
11  Prelude
12  Badinerie
13  American Dream
14  Toccata
15 Flootin' About (John Terry)

Flying West - CD

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Music by Ann Carr-Boyd performed by Diana Weston (harpsichord) and the ensemble Thoroughbass. An eclectic collection of works in this double CD - folksongs and instrumental - for voice, violin/viola, cello, guitar, recorder, percussion, harpsichord and organ.  Mostly written around the '70s and '80s for The Consort of Sydney, and enthusiastically revived and recorded here by Diana Weston and her ensemble.  
Inspired by the Australian outback and by the words to Flying West, written by Diana Weston, this short collection [tracks 10-17] for recorder, cello and harpsichord describes the day in the life of doctors working from the base of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill, and has been dedicated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

 Wirr 066.  Available only in Australia and New Zealand.
 Wirr 066a.  Worldwide distribution.

 All are scores available online.

Download samples
Disc One
Folksongs 76 [1-7]
1 Argizagi Ederra
2 O Dieu D'Amour
3 Yees Merrmingas ma Pandicksay
4 Otan mou ipen ehe
5 Ma ti to theli mana sou
6 Kharchin
7 Life in a Prairie Shack
8 Nadir    9 ITT
Flying West [10-17]
10 Flying West
11 Bumpy Ride
12 Interlude 1
13 Wings from the Sky
14 Interlude 2
15 Red Earth
16 The Clinic
17 The Return
18 Couperin
19 Lullaby for Nuck
20 Wisp of Cloud
Disc Two
21 The Boomerang Chocolate Cake
Folk Songs 78 [22-25]
22 Guten Abend, Gute Nacht
23 Im Schönstein Wiesengrunde
24 Itia Itia
25 Mandinada
Trois Leçons [26-28]
26 and only man is vile
27 the human race
28 man is so proud
29 Textures and Variations
30 Catch 75
Three Songs of Love [31-33]
31 being to timelessness as it's to time
32 stand with your lover
33 spring! May - ev'rywhere's here
Suite for Véronique [34-38]
34 Prelude
35 A Little Rag
36 Folk Song "Esa Noche" (Ritornello)
37 Slow Step
38 Esa Noche (Ritornello)

Forest Magic - CD

By Jeanell Carrigan

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  Jeanell Carrigan (piano)

Piano Miniatures by Australian Composers

Lindley Evans, Frank Hutchens, Mirrie Solomon [Hill], Miriam Hyde, Roy Agnew, Alfred Hill, Hooper Brewster-Jones, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Josephine Bell, Iris de Cairos-Rego, Esther Kahn

“Faintly shrouded by a gentle mist
The trees within the wood resemble dreams.” (Franz Holford)

In the early 1900s in Australia almost every home contained a piano. A sturdy upright with a metal frame taking pride of place in the parlour and providing hours of entertainment in the form of sing-alongs and musical evenings. Consequently, many songs and a great deal of piano music was composed which could be performed in the home environment, but also many works designed for the concert platform.
On this themed recording there are examples of piano music written by composers who were all born in the nineteenth or very early twentieth century, who lived throughout that century writing music describing their impressions of the world around them. There are works about forests, leafy lanes, mists, and joyful rain. There is a cacophony of bird sounds and just as trees can resemble dreams this music creates dreams and visions.

Cover photograph by Catherine McCorkill

Wirr 109

Download samples 

[1]    Forest Magic (no date) – Frank Hutchens
[2]    The Leafy Lanes of Kent (1950) – Mirrie Hill
[3]    Dawn (no date) – Linda Phillips
[4]    Woodland Sketch (1966) – Miriam Hyde
[5]    Joyous Rain (1942) – Alfred Hill
[6]    Murmuring Trees (1936) – Josephine Bell
[7]    The Old Gum Tree (1963) – Lindley Evans
[8]    The Elm Tree (1935) – Iris de Cairos-Rego
[9]    Two Little Birds (1944) – Frank Hutchens
[10]  Willow Wind (1973) – Mirrie Hill
[11]  Butterflies (1958) – Linda Phillips
[12]  Rabbit Hill (1928) – Roy Agnew
[13]  Doves (1932) – Alfred Hill
[14]  Midst Heather and Wattle (1949) – Esther Kahn
[15]  Pastoral (1936) – Peggy Glanville-Hicks
[16]  Flight (no date) – Linda Phillips
[17]  Bell Birds (1963) – Lindley Evans
[18]  Noon (1958) – Linda Phillips 
[19]  Blackbird’s Song – Miriam Hyde
[20]  Fragrance (1936) – Lindley Evans
[21]  Wattle Bird in the Garden Hooper Brewster-Jones
[22]  The Distant MagpieHooper Brewster-Jones
[23]  The Peaceful Dove (1923-1926) Hooper Brewster-Jones 
[24]  Hushed is my Garden (no date) – Linda Phillips
[25]  Drifting Mists – Roy Agnew
[26]  Return at Sunset (no date) – Linda Phillips 
[27]  At the Setting of the Sun (1911) – Mirrie Hill
[28]  Evening (1954) – Frank Hutchens                                            

Sheet music and samples are available for many of these works visit:

Lindley Evans
Frank Hutchens
Esther Kahn
Hooper Brewster-Jones
Linda Phillips
Peggy Glanville-Hicks
Mirrie Hill
Josephine Bell
Iris de Carios-Rego
Roy Agnew
Miriam Hyde


From a Bridge of Dreams - CD

By Various Composers

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22 flute and piano pieces performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano).  Included are works by Australian composers as Ian Cooper, Frank Millward, Betty Beath, Michael Dixon, Nigel Butterley, Wendy Suiter, Brennan Keats, Ann Carr-Boyd, Horace Keats.
Wirr 005

Print music for all of the works are available online.

Download samples

1  Serenade (Ian Cooper)
2  Callin the Turtles In (Frank Millward)
3  Nawang Wulan (Betty Beath)
4  From a Bridge of Dreams (Betty Beath)
5  Music for Gillan (Betty Beath)
6  Locan (Michael H Dixon)
7  Locana's Concert (Michael H Dixon)
8  Inner Life (Michael H Dixon)
9  Evanston Song (Nigel Butterley)
10  The Wind Stirs Gently  (Nigel Butterley)
11  Sunflowers (Wendy Suiter)
12  Silver-Eyed Gull (Brennan Keats)
13  Ann and Del in Oz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
14  Ann and Del (Ann Carr-Boyd)
  (The following composed by Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats):-
15  Over the Quiet Waters
16  Mermaids
17  By the Lily-Pond
18  I Will Build My House in the Water
19  Plucking the Rushes
20  Goldfish
21  Sea Breeze
22  The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me 


Goldleafing a Dream - CD

By Phillip Wilcher

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A vast music and magical journey of many genres and styles for oboe, cor anglais, flute and piano composed by Phillip Wilcher and sensitively performed by Rachel Tolmie (oboe, cor anglais), Amanda Muir (flute), and John Martin (piano). Inspired by this poem:
Wirr 046

A gold leafed page
From a distant age,
A dust clad century of dreams,
Of polished stones
And medieval thrones,
Of maidens wandering idly
By streams.
An illuminator's craft
Like a merchant's raft,
Transports wonders across
The thresholds of time,
To tell us something
Of a life before
Of a butterfly weaving a rhyme.

Download samples

1  Goldleafing a Dream
2  How Sweet the Moonlight
3  Longtemps
4  Sarabande
5  Pavane
6  Minuet
Three Dances [7-9]
7  Anglaise    
8  Passepied   
9  Gigue
10  Tears
11  Nager Dans la Joie
12  The Faun's Pavane
13  The Flautist's Pavane
14  Magnolia
15  Pavane I
16  Pavane II
17  Pavane III
18  Tolmie Tune
19  Tolmie Tune 2
20  Tolmie Tune 3
21  Song Without Words
22  Adagio in F Minor
23  Novelette I
24  Novelette II
25  Novelette III
26  Dream Song
27  Stanza

Grotesque - CD

By Meta Overman

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An Operina and other chamber music by Meta Overman.

The Music of Meta Overman is innovative, individual, sometimes humorous, expressing amazing creativity and powered by strong visual imagery. The desire to express imagery in sound was obvious from an early age when the young Meta would place picture books on the piano and attempt to play what she could see. Her musical language transforms images into musical concepts and sounds and this intention is evident in all her compositions.

Grotesque is a tragic comedy with quite an absurd plot involving an old man – the character played by the clarinettist, a young girl, sung by the soprano and a ghost whose antics are created by the sounds of the piano. Its structure is theme and variations as in the original version for piano four hands and the plot is described by a narrator. It is a little questionable whether in a performance that is staged the narrator is really necessary. In fact there is no mention of a narrator on the original score though when recording the work a narrator could be deemed necessary to outline the antics of the characters who cannot be seen. In a staged version the characters create the images and the “narration” on the score can be viewed as merely stage directions. The dancer would therefore act out the antics of the ghost and the instrumentalists would become the characters described by the stage directions.  

Goetz Richter AM narrator; Narelle Yeo soprano; Charlotte Fetherston viola; Susan Newsome clarinet; Tonya Lemoh piano; Jeanell Carrigan piano

Scores are available online.
Wirr 098

Download samples 

[1] Grotesque - An Operina in one act.
[2-4] Sonata for Viola and Piano
   Maestoso non troppo lento
   Monto tranquillo
   Allegro assai
[5-6] Two Pieces for Two Pianos
   De Kade (The Quay)
   De Stenen Leeuw (The Stone Lion)
[7-11] Galgenlieder (Gallow Songs) - poetry by Christian Morgenstern
   Das Gebet (The Prayer)
   Der Schaukelstuhl (The Rocking Stool)

   Der Tanz (The Dance)
   Der Seufzer (The Sigh)
   Galgenberg (Gallow Hill)
[12-14] Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
   Allegro con moto
   Lento intensive
   Theme and Variations - Allegro
[15-17] Island Songs - words by John Joseph Jones
   Deep, Deep Blue Water
[18] Berceuse for two pianos
[19] Pegasus' Dance for two pianos