Callisto: Music for Fairlight CMI

By Michael Hannan

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Michael Hannan 
The CD Callisto features works composed for the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (CMI) which is the world's first digital music sampler, a product of the late 1970s. The recording also provides some documentation of a phase of Michael Hannan’s development as a composer, during which he was an insider of a ground breaking project generated by the CMI at that time, being 1984.

Each work conveys images that draw one away to other worlds, in the case of Callisto (the largest moon of Jupiter) to a sound analysis of laughter, a series of studies, a sonata written in the style of Conlon Nancarrow, through the inspiration generated by animal calls, a tribute to Slonimsky, finally and intriguingly an attempt to stimulate the conditions by which a thought trance is induced. 
Wirr 079

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 1.  Callisto
 2.  Laughing Piece
 3.  Study #1.1
 4.  Study #1.2
 5.  Study #1.3
 6.  Sonata After Nancarrow
 7.  Animal Minimal
 8.  Slonimsky Variations
 9.  Alphabeat

Çanakkale: Gallipoli Songs

By Ayse Goknur Shanal

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Ayşe Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith, Erberk Eryilmaz, Ross Fiddes  (piano)
As a result of the ANZAC Centenary in 2015 this CD is a tribute to all soldiers who fought in the Gallipoli campaign of World War I.  Its works are represented by both Turkish and Australian composers.

Piano: Track 5: Erberk Eryilmaz, Track 6: Ross Fiddes, all other tracks by Patrick Keith
Wirr 070

English texts and translation of songs

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 1   Hey Onbeşli (Turkish Trad.)
Two Songs for the Anzac Centenary, Op.33 (John Wayne Dixon)
   2   1918
   3   1945
 4   Au pays ou se fait le guerre (Henri Duparc)
 5   Songs are Against War (Erberk Eryilmaz)
 6   These Men (Ross Fiddes)
 7   Çanakkale Turkusu (Turkish Folksong)
Remembrances Four (Diana Blom)
   8   Enlisting
   9   The Landings - Morning
   10  The Landings - Getting to Shore
   11  The Morning Star
   12  Goodnight Gallipoli

Celebrating May

By May Howlett

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> A compilation of only some of the exceptional compositional works by May Howlett recorded over time by well-known Australian and International artists. A member of an audience once remarked that "her music always takes me on a journey", and this CD just does that.  Her writing seeks to enter into an experience or a concept, and to embody response to it with a 'voice' of the instrument or instruments. Although her music is basically lyrical, there is, often, according to Larry Sitsky, "a sting in the tail". 
Wirr 058

Sheet music of these works are available online

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Exhibits - Christine Drager (flute), Katheryn Lambert (piano)
  1  Mobiles
   2  Veil VII
   3  Electric Mouse
   4  Streeton's Noon
5  Passing the Tower of Aggrievements Jeanell Carrigan (piano)
6  From Forgotten Stars Rotraud Schneider (violin)
7  Waves - Sally Mays (piano)
8  Rosie the Unruffled   Michael Tabrett (viola), Katarina Kroslakova (piano)
9  Sacred Grove   Robert Llewellyn (bassoon), Katarina Kroslakova (piano)
10  Baroqua Rag Katie Zhukov (piano) 
Wings on the Wind - Emma Knott (flute), David Miller (piano)
   11  Thermals
   12  Mistral
   13  Ah! Sirocco
14  At the Triton's Call   Lotte Latukefu (mezzo- soprano), Louise Scott (piano)
At the Circus - Katie Zhukov (piano)
   15  Parade
   16  The Pink Ballerina on a White Pony
   17  Catherine Wheels


Childhood in Music

By Antonietta Loffredo

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Piano music by contemporary Australian and Italian composers played by Antonietta Loffredo. 
A University of Western Sydney project this interesting CD is the second by Antoinetta in a collaboration with the composers who have been encouraged to write new pieces inspired by chilhood, simplified only in its instrumental components without linguistic or aesthetic compromises to enhance the different poetics that mark the contemporary art music panorama.
Wirr 042

Scores by the Wirripang composers-  Sofia Marita, Ji Yun Lee, Michael Atherton and Diana Blom are available online.

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1 Swinging for Ari (Sofia Marita)
Kawaii Suite (Paul Smith)
2  Ponyo
3  Mokona 
4  'A' is for Alice (Holly Harrison)
5  Colour Variation I (Ji Yun Lee)
6 Nanna told me so (Me lo ha detto la nonna) (Michael Atherton)
7 - 13 Sette piccoli pezzi (Seven little pieces) (Massimo Priori )
14  Music for a snowy day (Francesco Schweizer)
15  Fogli dall'album - baluginii e distorsioni per pianoforte solo (Flares and distortion for piano solo) (Stefano Procaccioli)
16 The Cat's Meow (Diana Blom and Adrian Barr)

Chopin Sonatas: Duo and Solo - CD

By Daniel Herscovitch, Elizabeth Neville

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Three major Sonatas by Fryderyk Chopin performed by two of Australia's fine musicians, Daniel Herscovitch (piano) and Elizabeth Neville (cello).
Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor, to be Chopin's final work began in 1845;   Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor Op.35 and Piano Sonata No. 3 in B  minor Op.58
Wirr 048

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Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor Op.65
Allegro moderato
Finale: Allegro
Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor Op.35
Grave - Doppio movimento
Marche: Lento
Finale: Presto
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B  minor Op.58
Allegro maestoso
10  Scherzo: Molto vivace
11  Largo
12  Finale: Presto non tanto


Creative Explosion

By Various Composers

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The creative aesthetic behind this project is to have a strong intercultural focus featuring Asia-Pacific traditions of Korean samul nori drumming techniques, Filipino kulintang percussion, Japanese shakuhachi 'moment' aesthetic and East Asian string techniques (Korea, Japan, China) interacting with contemporary music. The trajectory from modern violin through to Chinese erhu and Korean kayageum techniques interacting within contemporary composition and cutting edge digital technology forms a thread behind this collection. The sound of Asia-Pacific gongs (Korea, China, Philippines) intersecting with modern percussion as an enlargement of the contemporary music tradition in performance and composition is another angle. Finally the use of the techniques of reed membrane and coloured breath from Western clarinet to Japanese shakuhachi exploring the 'single-note' aesthetic of East Asia within contemporary composition and improvisation also forms a focus. 
Wirr 028

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1  Tristan Exploded (Ian Stevenson) 
Haiku 1 (John Encarnacao)
2  Between the sky and ...
3  ... the not sky we fly towards ...
4  ... the heart of winter
5  Not Broken Bruised-Reed (Bruce Crossman)
6  Genji (the Shining Prince) and the Koto Player (Diana Blom)
7  Patina (Michael Atherton) 

Deep blue and dirty

By Andrew Schultz

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The title work of this CD, Deep blue and dirty, is a work for bassoon and piano, based on two connected themes cleverly developed so that they move throughout the work without interruption as it unfolds about the listener.  Thus, the cleverness of the composer, Andrew Schultz, is revealed as we are led down a series of works highlighting leaps ahead of conventional theory to make music a unique experience.  Southern Cross Soloists,  Stephen Emmerson and Lucinda Collins together have created this wonderful CD of chamber and vocal music.

Wirr 065

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1   After Nina [10'33)

To the evening star
   - 2   Lake Isle of Innisfree [4'33]
   - 3   Pied beauty [1'15]
   - 4   Mezzo Cammin [4'03]
   - 5   Money, O! [2'38]
   - 6   To the evening star [5'07]
7   Indigo Inventionn [5'41]
8  Lines drawn from silence... [12'29]
9   Seep blue and dirty [8'28]
10 Master Mariner - Lost at Sea [4'59]


Double Resonances

By Bruce Crossman

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Compositions by Bruce Crossman performed by Lotte Latukefu, Merlinda Bobis, Ian Munro, Jim Franklin, New Asia String Quartet, Jeanell Carrigan, Tom McGrath, Bernadette Balkus, Claire Edwardes.

Wirr 017

Print music for most of the works are available online.

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1 Daragang Magayon Cantata
2  In Gentleness and Suddenness
3  Fierce Tranquillity
5  After Resonance Blues
6  Double Resonances 



By John Carmichael

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Chamber music by John Carmichael.  In this recording, melody and thematic material are the starting points in the process of creating a well wrought musical structure designed to engage the interest of the listener.
In the words of the composer, “Music has always been for me an escape into a fantasy world where imagined landscapes, images and adventures engage and delight, so the portmanteau title ‘Escapades’ for this disc can serve to encompass all the works therein".
Escapades is performed by Sylvie Leprohon flute, Stephen Robinson oboe, Antony Gray piano.
Wirr 071

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Escapades - flute, oboe and piano
1.  Games
2.  Idyll
3.  Escaping the Blues
4.  To a Happy Ending
Fantasy Sonata - flute and piano
5.  Allegro moderato
6.  Lento7.  Allegro vivac
Postcards - piano
8.  Russian Song
9.  Autumn Spell
10.  Courtly Dance
11.  Solitaire
12 . Caribbeanonatan - Music Grave and Gay - oboe and piano
13.  Allegro moderato
14.  Lento15.  Allegro
16.  Nocturne for Eve


Fandango Returns!

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Music by Ann Carr-Boyd
One of the most rewarding things about writing music is the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most interesting people in the world. All the people and performers listed on these CDs (and many more who unfortunately can’t all be fitted on to two CDs) have enriched my life with their musicality and their warmth of friendship. The years I spent with the Sydney Mandolins in the 1980s and onwards were just wonderful. I wrote at least 12 different works for them - and all were rehearsed to the most high point of performance and interpretation. Little did we know at the time that Fandango would become so well known - but we have all been happy to see Fandango launch out into the world with a whole adventurous life of its own.   Ann Carr-Boyd 2018

This double compilation consists of works performed by: The Sydney Mandolins; Diana Weston, harpsichord; Danielle Grant, soprano; Tara Hashambuoy, violin; Joanne Arnott, recorder; Rita Woolhouse, cello; Paul Champion, clarinet; Tony Baldwin, piano; Edgars Kariks, flute; Susan Blake, cello; Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conductor Arnold Butcher; Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conductor Patrick Thomas, pianist Sally Mays; Sydney Symphony Fellows; Cedar-Rose Newman, violin; Lina Lee, violin; John Martin, piano and Ann Carr-Boyd, piano.
 Wirr 090

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Cover artwork by Ann Carr-Boyd

All scores available online.

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Disc One
1 Fandango (1982)
2 Argizagi Ederra (1976)
3 Nadir (1973)
Flying West (2014) [4-11]
4 Flying West     5 Bumpy Ride
6 Interlude I
7 Wings from the Sky
8 Interlude II     9 Red Earth
10 The Clinic    11 The Return
12 On the Shores of Aswan (1994)
Suite for Flute and Harpsichord (1990) [13-16]
13 Prelude        14 Badinerie
15 American Dream
16 Toccata
17 Music for an Imaginary Italian Film (1985)
18 Starburst (2002)
Beneath the Yellow Moon (2004/5) [9-21]
19 Beneath the Yellow Moon
20 Billabong
21 Dreamtime haze
22 Titan (2004)
Disc Two
1 Images of Australia (1988)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [2-4]
2 Mvt. 1  3 Mvt. 2   4 Mvt. 3
5 Rag for Razz (2007)
6 A Day in Taralga (2003)
7 Harp in the Highlands (2003)
8 Prelude (1988)
The Razz Suite (2008) [9-13]
9 Prelude for Luigi   
10 Mysterious Kitty regards the
ancient universe as time marches to its own beat
11 Tea for Tugger    12 Fluffy Boy
13 Fandango for Fifi
14 Australian Dawn (2016)
15 Bush Dance (2016)
16 Rag for Razz for violin and piano (2007)
17 Northbridge Blues (1995)
18 Boulevard Waltz (1988)
19 Prelude for Violin and Piano (2017)

Fictional Realities - CD

By Apollo Trio

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Seven Piano Trios by renowned Australian composers such as Dulcie Holland, Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards, Roger Smalley and Mike Nock, performed by the Apollo Trio: Thomas Tsai, Daniel Herscovitch and Maria Lindsay, and Elizabeth Neville.
Wirr 054.  

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[1-3] Piano Trio (Dulcie Holland)
  -  Allegro non troppo
  -  Fast
  -  Allegro maestro
4  Night Song (Peter Sculthorpe)
[5-7 Piano Trio (Ross Edwards)
  -  Allegretto
  -  poco adagio e mesto, quasi recitativo
  -  Allegro Assai
[8]  From Irkanda III (Peter Sculthorpe)
[9-10] Piano Trio (Roger Smalley)
  -  Part 1  1: Prelude   II: Scherzo
  -  Part 2  III: Passacaglia   IV: Variations

[11]  Cradle Song (Dulcie Holland)
[12]  Fictional Realities (Mike Nock)