Bundanon - CD

By Phillip Wilcher

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Pianist, Jeanell Carrigan.  This album is titled Bundanon after the piece composed by Phillip Wilcher and dedicated to his friend and pianist, Alexander Boyd, grandson of Arthur BoydOf this Alexander writes; I feel that Phillip Wilcher's richly evocative piece "Bundanon" perfectly captures the spirit of Bundanon - the tranquillity and beauty of the bush and surrounding landscape, yet simmering below the surface, an environment teeming with life and constant renewal.  If there was one thing my grandfather was more passionate about than the visual arts it was music, perhaps especially the creation of music.  I do hope that Phillip Wilcher's piece will bring Bundanon to the attention of many more musicians and composers and inspire them in the years to come.
Wirr 023

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Aaaron's Eight (1-8)
1  Allegro,  - 2  Lento Dolente,- 3  A Piacere, ma con motto,  
4  Adagio - ben sostenuto, 5  Moderato,
6  Allegro con brio 7  Andante,8  Allegro Vivace
Bacchante (9-18)
9  Andante,  - 10  Allegretto,
11  Toccata con motto (quasi allegretto)
12  Largamente, ma non adagio
13  Vivace, 14  Allegretto,
15  Allegretto, 16  Andante maestoso
17  Moderato semplice 18  Lento
19  Bundanon
20  Prelude for the Right Hand
21  Rhapsody
22 The Sorrow of Angels