By Linda Dalgliesh

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For Flute Trio in four movements, c.13'30

How do we respond to loss?  We can wear the face of a stoic and go about our day; or shut ourselves away to cope in privacy.  We can attempt forgetfulness, expunge every detail; or clutch the dearest memories.  In every case, the inevitable sky is waiting for us to circle around and come home.

    • 1. Cirrostratus (girl with angel wings) c. 2'52
    • 2. Cumulus (skeins of rain) c. 2'57
    • 3. Cumulonimbus (humid anvils) c. 3'32
    • 4. Cirrus (sundogs and halos) c. 4'00
      Composed 2020

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       ISMN 9790720249018

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