Flood, The

By Hannan, Balodis

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Michael Hannan (music and soundscapes) and Janis Balodis (lyrics) with Isabella A Cappella and The Flood Band. 

The Flood is a large-scale community promenade music theatre piece composed by Michael Hannan and developed by Northern Rivers Performing Arts during 2003 in Lismore NSW.  From its collective memory of floods, the creative development team assembled a plan for soundscape of the Lismore floods: natural sounds such as incessant rain, the roar of rushing water, the sound of certain birds associated with impending rain, the calls of frogs and sirens, to name but a few. 
Wirr 073 

A recent review in The Music Trust

Download samples

 1.  Flood Warning (soundscape) - Michael Hannan
 2.  Drowning Piano Blues - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 3.  Flood Drumming - Michael Hannan
 4.  Promenade 1: Drowned Piano Blues- Michael Hannan
 5.  Promenade 2: Water Remembers - Michael Hannan
 6.  Promenade3: Poor Boy He - Michael Hannan
 7.  Flood Rain (soundscape) - Michael Hannan
 8.  No Bullet in the Head - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 9.  Frog Chorus (soundscape) - Michael Hannan
 10.  Sandbag Ballet - Michael Hannan
 11.  Bring It On - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 12.  Furniture Lifting Music - Michael Hannan
 13.  Flood Salsa - Michael Hannan
 14.  Flood Rising Music - Michael Hannan
 15.  Lost the Lot - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 16.  Poor Boy He - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 17.  Water Remembers - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 18.  Echo in the Blood - Janis Balodis/Michael Hannan
 19.  Dawn Chorus (soundscape) - Michael Hannan