In My Room

By Jocelyn E Kotchie

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8 lyric pieces for solo piano intermediate grades
The journey through adolescence can be a dark and lonely experience and there is often a tendency for young people to immerse themselves in melancholia. In this collection, is an opportunity to give young people the experience of finding their own voice in the music.  This can be intimidating and often a gentle hand is needed to encourage stepping out beyond one’s comfort zone.  That gentle hand has been extended by making suggestions for dynamics while allowing for and encouraging personal interpretation; by allowing the opportunity for the young person to construct the music in their own way and according to their mood on any particular day; and in providing a step by step walk through rubato – often the most intimidating technique as it requires us to risk so much and put so much of ourselves out there.   Composed 2014-2015. 



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In My Room, Grade 3-4
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Random Thoughts,
Grade 3-4 - $5.50

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Return to Eden, Grade 3
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Breaking Through,
Grade 3-4 - $3.95

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Swept Away, Grade 3-4
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Awakening Valentine,
Grade 4-5 - $3.95
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Turning the Tide,
Grade 5-5 - $3.95
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Close to Home, Grade 5
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Full Album PDF
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The full, hard copy bound quality paper book includes CD.

Below are samples of each piece and audio excerpts.

In My Room - sheet music 

In My Room - audio

Random Thoughts - sheet music

Random Thoughts - audio

Return to Eden - sheet music 

Return to Eden - audio

Breaking Through - sheet music 

Breaking Through  - audio

Swept Away - sheet music 

Swept Away - audio

Awakening Valentine - sheet music 

Awakening Valentine - audio

Turning the Tide  - sheet music

Turning the Tide - audio

Close to Home - sheet music

Close to Home - audio

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