Out of Time

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Available mid December 2020

Various choral combinations, incl. SATB with and without divisi, unison voices, 2 part, with optional accompaniments variously for organ, and solo melodic line instrument.  Total duration c.31'00

Out of Time is a volume of asynchronous choral art music. Sacred and secular works by five Australian composers celebrate the musical aesthetic resulting from the interesting aleatoric effects created by asynchronous choral writing, and can be performed live or online.

  • Out of Time – Diana Blom
  • Time Hangs Heavily – Brett McKern
  • Music is a Gentle Hammer – Andrew Schultz
  • Clearly Sing – Brett McKern
  • Psalm 105 – Diana Blom
  • Come Done, O Love Divine – Brett McKern
  • The Word – Sonia Sozio
  • Alfresco Dining – Brennan Keats
  • Bowral Service (Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis) – Brett McKern
  • Seven Rings of Saturn – Diana Blom
  • Witches Cauldron - Diana Blom
  • Come down O Love Divine? - Diana Blom

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Out of Time - sheet music

      ISMN 9790720231532