Voice of Love, The

By Phillip Wilcher

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This double CD of music is composed by Phillip Wilcher and interpreted by Jeanell Carrigan, piano and Minah Choe, cello.  Both these performers display extraordinary sensitivity and colour with rare musical intuition. An outstanding collection of beautiful music for solo piano and cello and piano.
Phillip has dedicated the CD to Rosemary Eather, a long-time friend and producer and host of the 1970s early morning children's television show, Good Morning with Rosemary, one of Australia's first weekday breakfast variety programs for children.

Scores are available online for most of this music.

Review by Samuel Bugeja 2018

Wirr 088

Download samples
Five Nocturnes
-1  Andante con affetto
- 2 Andante - largo sostenuto
Andante Moderato
6  The Maiden Voyage
  The Sorrow of Angels
Their Sorrow
9  The Voice of Love (from Three Romantic Pieces)
- 10  Legend after "The Shadow of Cain" by Edith Sitwell
11  Lift (from Two Pieces for Cello and Piano)
12  Starseed
13  Simplicity Itself (from Two Pieces for Cello and Piano)
14  Valzer Rimoldi
15   Reverie
16  His Last Breath
-17   ... and with rain
Hymn to the Aten
-The Blue Lotus
- 3  Scarab
4  Barcarolle (from Three Romantic Pieces)
5  Waltz Awaiting
6  Vocalise
  I Would Like To Paint As The Bird Sings
   - Bathers in La Grenovillere
   - Camille
   - 10 Self Portrait
   - 11 Etretat
   - 12 Regatta a Argenteuil
   -13 Poppy Fields
14 Romance (from Three Romantic Pieces)
15  Without Her