We are sufficient

By Michael Hugh Dixon

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Horn Quartet

We are sufficient has specific intonation requirements readily achievable on the horn by selecting appropriate fingerings. The music requires thirty-four notes per octave to achieve the flavour of each harmony. Score and parts notated in colour. Composed 2007

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ISMN 9790720101378
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We Love Christmas

By Brennan Keats

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SSA Choir, c.1'00
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 ISMN 9790720078199

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We Sat Entwined (Brennan)

By Horace Keats

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Soprano and piano c.5'10. 

  • Grade: Lic.Dip.
  • Genre: Neo classical
  • Date: 1936
  • Tempo: Marked Andante.  A poem fashioned out of  wooden emptiness and voiceless misery prior to departure from one once loved.
Recorded by Jane Parkin and Clemens Leske on A Poet's Composer (Wirr 040) - sample here - and Wendy Dixon and David Miller on Echo (ABC Classics) both CDs available online

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ISMN 9790720007236

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We Will Remember Them

By Vivien Arnold

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Flute, oboe, choir and piano 
Composed 2016
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ISMN 9790900979872

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Wedding Song

By Michael Hannan

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A bridal march for organ

Composed 1994

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ISMN 9790720171005

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Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?

By Houston Dunleavy

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SSAATTBB choir, c.7'00
Traditional American Spiritual

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ISMN M720060361
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Were You There?

By Houston Dunleavy

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TTBB choir, c.6'30
Traditional American Spiritual first collected in American Negro Spirituals by J R Johnson 1926

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ISMN 9790720106823
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West Wind

By Ann Carr-boyd

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Violin and piano,  c.5'00.  Advance grade
The mood of the work is a musical interpretation of the westerly winds which prevail in inland NSW. Their persistence is echoed by the presence of the 4 note figure which opens the work. This figure, in turn, gives way to an ebb and flow of tempi and themes (like the wayward wind).
Composed 1994

Recorded by John Martin on Another Look at Autumn (Wirr 102) available online

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Westminster Service

By Brett M Mckern

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Double Choir SATBSATB and organ, c.13'0
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ISMN M720078144
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Wet Night on the Highway

By Miriam Hyde

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Solo piano, c.4'30.  Licentiate Level 3, AMEB Piano
Composed 1950's

Recorded and performed by the composer on: Reflected Reeds (Wirr 092), Piano Imagery (Wirr 084) - available online

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 ISMN 9790720115870

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Whale's Song, The

By Diana Blom

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Cello and piano, c.9'00.  Grade 8
The humpback whale is, in many ways, the spirit of the ocean. Through four sections - Chant, Dance, Lament and Chant, The Whale's Song traces the migratory pattern of the humpback whale as it moves in the Pacific Ocean, through musics of New Zealand, Ecuador, Hawaii, Japan and Papua and New Guinea.  "Chant" draws on rhythms of a Maori chant about the sea, and on its return, is joined by the rhythms of a traditional Japanese chant about the sea with amplified cello evoking sounds of the humpback whale. 

Recorded by Deborah Coogan (vc/reverb) and the composer on the CD, Music of the Spirit (Wirr 011) available online

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What Secret Hath the Rose - CD

By Jeanell Carrigan

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  A Linda Phillips Anthology
  Works for voice, violin, flute and  piano

Linda Phillips’ musical journey spanned almost the entire twentieth century and she contributed to Australian life as a composer, performer, adjudicator, and music critic. During that time, she moved in circles that included Dame Nellie Melba, Joan Sutherland, Kiri te Kawana, and Sir Bernard Heinze and was highly regarded as a musician of considerable merit. Her compositions are numerous and include works for piano solo, chamber music, instrumental works for violin, flute, cello and clarinet and at least seventy songs. This anthology presents a cross section of her works demonstrating her amazing creativity in a diversity of styles and genres.

Wirr 119                                     

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[1] What Secret hath the Rose? 1:56
[2] A Bunch of Violets 1:12
[3] Shadow Dance 4:34
[4] Song of the Shepherd 7:08
[5] Palestinian Polka 2:41
[6] Monotone 3:16
[7] Russian Dance 2:33
[8] Hebraic Elegy 8:58
[9] Forest Myth 4:35
Songs of the Outback
[10]     The Settlers 2:03
[11]     Rail Workers 2:12
[12]     Droving Song 3:11
[13] Rhapsody Sonata 11:46
[14] Moon of Bright Nights 1:44
[15] The Swallows 1:59
[16] Orchard Zephyr 1:31
[17] Bush Evening 6:35
[18] Bourrée 3:13
[19] Serenade 3:09

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Sheet music available for all these works online